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Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm
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InFocus Courier Services

We offers many types of delivery options to fit your business needs. We are available to service you 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Kindly call our office at 832-398-4119 or email us at for rates and availability.

Stat delivery (Less than 1 hour)
This is the fastest delivery service we have for your packages or specimens. A driver will be dispatched to your location for a non-stop delivery to its destination. Available during business hours 9 AM to 5 PM.

Immediate: 1.5 -2.0 Hours
This is for immediate delivery packages and specimens. Packages will be dispatched and delivered within 90 minutes of the time it is called in. This option is available until 5:00 PM on weekdays.

Urgent: 2.5 -3.0 Hours
This is for urgent delivery packages and specimens. Packages will be dispatched and delivered within 2.5 hours. This option is available on weekdays until 5:00PM.

Same Day: 4 – 5 Hours
This service provides an efficient delivery with an economical price. This option must be called in by 10AM on weekdays and deliver will be done by 3PM.

Nights and Weekends
This service is available every weekday after 5 PM and during weekends. Deliveries are completed within 1.5 hours unless otherwise specified.

Pharmaceutical Products, Laboratory Specimens and Medical Logistics

Medical Logistics includes delivery of equipment or pharmaceutical orders to patient homes, supply deliveries to clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals to support healthcare and dental care providers. InFocus health provides a seamless way to outsource all your medical logistical needs. Our drivers have undergone background checks, drug test and health screening (TB, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C). Our drivers are trained on biological substance handling (Class 6, Division 6.2 = Category B infectious specimen); laboratory specimen handling and transportation in accordance with DOT regulations; laboratory specimen transport temperature requirements (room temperature, refrigerated and frozen); and HIPPA privacy training.

All our vehicles are temperature controlled and customized for specimen transportation, all vehicles maintain a temperature of 68-73 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels between 30-60% during transportation of specimens unless otherwise specified.

* All times listed above may fluctuate due to long distance, traffic, and severe weather.

Courier Services Rates

Mileage 4 Hours 3 Hours 2 Hours 1 Hour or less
4 Miles $13.00 $15.00 $16.00 $17.00
8 Miles $15.00 $16.00 $17.00 $20.00
12 Miles $18.00 $19.00 $21.00 $25.00
16 Miles $22.00 $24.00 $26.00 $30.00
20 Miles $26.00 $28.00 $32.00 $35.00
24 Miles $29.00 $31.00 $34.00 $39.00
28 Miles $33.00 $35.00 $37.00 $42.00