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InFocus Public Health

Our motto: “Health Through Prevention is our focus.”

InFocus Public Health Consulting works in partnership with local governments, States, National, international, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and healthcare companies to address public healthcare challenges. In the past 3 years we have done both local and international public health works with proven results. Our operations are divided into health and environment.

Health Operations

Our focus is to help strengthen local and national health systems, improve the performance of complex health organizations, conduct research and analyze data on novel diseases, plan the introduction of new treatments and technologies for specific health conditions. We work with clients in achieving their health goals by providing all the necessary tools.

Our Health Operations can set up staff, equip, provide all health related supplies and manage employee occupational clinics thereby allowing companies to focus on their core mission.

Within our global network of health consultants, we have capable hands with years of healthcare and public health experience to work on all health care related projects.

Environmental Operations

We conduct environmental assessment and impact determination in the oil and gas industry. We help organizations and governmental entities determine the environmental, health and social impact of oil and gas explorations, storage and transportation. We conduct disaster contingency readiness evaluation for governmental agencies and companies in the oil and gas sector. We advise, develop policies, protocols and programs that help oil and gas companies meet their environmental, health and social mandate.

Our environmental analyst can conduct off/on –shore safety needs of your employees and supply all safety related equipment that your company need.

Our position in North America as an innovative public health consulting company with consultants well versed in the oil and gas sector gives us a unique advantage over our competitors.


Over the past 3 years our team has done both international and local consulting/research work with verifiable results. Internationally we collaborated with the University of Texas School of Public Health and Imo State University in Nigeria to conduct a study on the risk assessment for the introduction of avian influenza. The result of that collaboration is published in the:

• Obinani, C., Onweagba, A., Lloyd, L., Ross, M., Troisi, C., Ohazurike, N., & Chukwu, A. (2014). The development of poultry farms risk assessment tool for avian influenza in Imo State, Nigeria. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 116, 145-150.

We currently have ongoing obligation to collaborate, train, educate and support modalities to prevent the spread of avian influenza in this Nigerian State
Locally we have a contract with the States of Texas, Department of State for Health Services to provide Tuberculosis Directly Therapy, documentation and reporting across Texas.